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‘SMUK’ is the Danish word for beautiful.

We want to inspire people to see the world through SMUK’s eyes – to see the BEAUTY of life.

SMUK London is a luxury lifestyle brand that evokes inspiration in women for all things beauty. Its essence is to provide un-compromised quality of beauty services to its guests, ensuring all leave looking and feeling beautiful.

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Miabella is the best hair stylist and makeup artist I have ever met – she is extremely professional and knows exactly how to make your best features pop and make you look stunning. All of this coupled with her signature minimalistic and effortlessly chic touch that never goes unnoticed.

Manuela Isaia
Investment professional

Miabella is by far one of the best stylists I have ever experienced. She is able to understand what it is you want and work with your hair to give you a result that exceed expectations. I always feel very comfortable when she is styling my hair and have never been disappointed. Definitely one of the best in the business!

Karishma Choraria
Business development Europe

Smuk for me isn’t just the beauty on the outside but it’s all about the beauty that you feel on the inside. Miabella does just that with Smuk as her muse she makes you feel like the best version of yourself you can be.

Nkima De Faria
International destination photographer

Miabella’s talents as a stylist and educator are second to none. She leaves everyone in the room feeling like she was speaking to them individually and they always learn something new. What a great people person!

Timi Dorgu
UK Brand Manager Oribe

When you find inspiring creatives who are a pleasure to work with, super talented and also women – it’s such a blessing!
Miabella is incredibly professional and makes everyone feel at ease on set. I would no doubt work with her again and wish her every success in her current business ventures!

Ruth Yimika Awogbade
Founder + Editor of MAGNIFY magazine

Miabella always takes her time to understand my hair and reassure her vision match my goals. She knows and understands what look I’m going for. She is passionate, caring and highly talented!

Catherine Sullivan
Global Communications Manager

I recently had the pleasure of working with Miabella on a cover shoot and was blown away by her talent. Not only does she fill the room with warmth (necessary on a stressful day of shooting!), but her work is efficient and, of course, flawless.

Patricia Yaker Ekall
International Editor, Raine Magazine

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