You’ve got big plans. Things you want that haven’t happened yet. This is probably why:


  1. “When I have more time”

Our Lives are made up of the choices we make every single day. From where we invest our time, to what we eat and how that fuels us for the life we want. We all have responsibilities. Yes, a day job, and commitments – allow for those. Schedule them in! And then when you’re done take responsibility for every single waking (and sleeping) hour you have outside the bare necessities. Use your commute to brainstorm your next steps.

This is about taking a real good look at your priorities and taking ownership of your life.

If we want to live deliberate, creatively fulfilling lives, it begins with looking at where we spend our time. What are you willing to give up that’s good, so that you can have Great.

  1. “I need more training”

You ought to be good at what you do. Great even. But it’s just as easy to hide behind the guise of “just one more course”. Or “when I get that qualification – THEN I’ll be more credible.” 10 short courses later and you still haven’t decided on a name!

That’s an excuse.

By all means, if your dream requires you to have a qualification – get it! But if what you’re longing for is just on the other side of fear, of feeling “more credible” – you’ll never get that through “one more course.”


  1. “I’m just not yet Ready” 


Just Start. You’ll never be ready. Nobody is ever “READY”. The difference between the person who did, and the person who planned, is the person that just started.

Decide what you want out of life & work and take the tiniest step in that direction. Only when that happens can you adjust, adjust and adjust. The things we want today will change based on the dreams we have tomorrow. But at the very least we’ll know that we’ve been LIVING. You’ll have taken a dive further into the life, and work, you really want.

  1. “I’m still designing, creating, improving it”

 You’re good at what you do. That’s a given. But the truth is, it’s easy to hide behind the creating; designing; redesigning – when nobody’s actually seen it long enough to give you feedback.

Get visible.

It’ll never be perfect, but you’ll take much larger steps towards perfect when you learn what it really needs to look like.


  1. “The Social Stalking” aka “Getting Inspiration!

I do it. We all do it. We stalk the brands, and the people we love. All the things we want to be doing. We subscribe to all their content – stalk their Instagram stories because that’s where we get our inspiration! Yes!

But the truth is – YOU are the expert of your life & work. And as much as there’s amazing, inspiring content out there – what really matters is you. Your voice, Your opinion. Your way of doing things. That’s what people care for, and will pay for. Not “another” online program, No, they want to pay for YOUR online program. So do that. Enough of the endless scrolling and pinning. The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Someone else is waiting to stalk YOUR Instagram feed 🙂


  1. “It already Exists…”

You’ve spending hours stalking, now you’re all but convinced there’s no point in starting that idea, – because, let’s face it x & y are already doing it. And they are killing it! 

So. What.

There is nothing new under the sun. The only thing new – is How YOU do it. So start running that class. Do it – not because you’re trying to re-invent the wheel, but because there’s something special about offering what you have, back out into the world. Your gift. And do it knowing that nothing could ever replace your expression of this idea out in the world.

 And if all “fails” and no-one signs up – at least, you’ll have tried. You’ll have risked – but you’ll have lived. And isn’t that why we’re here?


  1. “When I FEEL more Confident”

You want to be more confident. I get it. Massive imposter syndrome. The thing is – you aren’t alone. We think when “get there” we’ll be confident enough, sure enough. But there’ll always be someone ahead of you as much as there are people behind you.

We never “Get there”.

Get used to the uncomfortable because where you grow to tomorrow will only bring new opportunities, dreams and hopes that feel way bigger than you’re ready for. 

That’s the whole point. Life is just one big ride.  

The question is whether you’re willing to jump!

Or just watch from the sidelines.

I hope you’ll jump.


By Jessica Mae. Find out more about Jess here. 

Photographs by Nkima de Faria

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