7 Truths for When You Doubt Your Dreams
  1. You have everything you need.

It may not seem like it at the moment. But you have everything you could ever need to dream a new dream, to navigate where to go next from where you are right now. Just know that nothing is missing and that the answers always come. Always. And if they haven’t, it’s because the story isn’t over quite yet.

  1. Your dreams aren’t just yours

It’s easy to struggle with why things aren’t happening the way we thought they would. The way we planned or wanted. But the truth is, whatever dreams we have are a gift to us, as much as they are for us. Remembering that gives us room to realise that the things we dream of, are more than just about us. And in that space – there’s peace. There’s something, out there that wants and desires this good for you, and for the world.

  1. Scarcity is the myth, abundance is the truth

When things aren’t quite working out, it’s natural to worry, to see the grass greener elsewhere and wonder when it’s going to happen here. In that place it’s easy to doubt whether there really is enough. To doubt whether what you want, and hope for really is possible. It’s a lie. There’s more than enough. If something isn’t happening quite yet – it isn’t because it’s happening elsewhere. There is enough. You are enough. Hold tight.

  1. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

No matter what – never deny the things your heart truly desire. Paolo Coelho author of the infamous book The Alchemist writes “If you want to be successful (to live the life you dream of) you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself.” Even in the midst of doubt – trust that you know what your heart desires. Then honour that. Even if it’s in the still, small, quietness of yourself. Never deny what you desire.

  1. Make moves anyway

Faith (however small) + Action = Destiny. However little you might still hope for that dream – make moves in that direction. Take action, and trust that your destiny will meet you just up ahead. Keep moving – and as you do you’ll get directed to the very path that is yours and yours alone.

  1. You’re in Good Company

Anyone who has ever achieved anything great – or had any hope come true has faced disappointment. Has faced challenge, and doubt whether their own or from others. So the good thing is this – You’re in good company 😉 You are not alone.

  1. Doubt doesn’t mean Failure.

There’s still room. Neither doubt, nor disappointment mean it’s over yet. So yes, catch your breath. Take a minute, take a week, give yourself that. But no matter how long you may need to put a dream aside for it doesn’t mean it’s over. Doubt doesn’t mean failure, and even so called failure, doesn’t mean it’s over.

Written by,
Jessica Mae

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