It’s here: SMUK Universe.  It’s LIVE and we are delighted to finally introduce you all to our world of creativity, inspiration and beauty.  SMUK Universe is an online magazine representing all that is beautiful in the world.  And we’re not only talking about aesthetics here, but the pursuit of that elusive notion: well-being.  Of mind, body and spirit.  Don’t get us wrong, we also care about physical beauty – whether it exists in architecture or individuals.  In short, SMUK is all about feeling beautiful inside and out… We all know the sentiments, SMUK applies it.

Pretty-isms aside, what else do we care about?

We care about life. We care about the world we inhabit…and we care about you. We want to hear from you. So whenever you feel like sharing your thoughts with us, please write in and we’ll be sure to respond. We love what we do, celebrating life and people – especially other creatives. We’d love for you to enjoy the content we produce, as we put so much time into curating it for your searching eyes. We also owe something of a debt to all the contributors and featured entrepreneurs who’ve given their time towards our dream. We cannot wait to share it all with you. Please do write in and give us your honest opinions on what you make of our (ahem, most enthusiastic!) efforts.

So we’ve created a universe to introduce you to a more conscious and beautiful lifestyle: starting from within. But, before we get into all that, let’s meet the team.

Miabella Ristorp, Founder & Creative Director

First, let’s introduce you to our founder and Creative Director Miabella Ristorp. She is the creative mind behind all the inspiration for SMUK London -and now SMUK Universe. Having spent her formative years in Copenhagen, Miabella studied hair and makeup artistry from a very young age – thus accumulating over 16 years of stellar experience. From the beginning, Miabella’s goal was to use her skills to help others look and feel their best. She’s gleaned a lot from her time at the Nicci Welsh Hair and Makeup Academy in Copenhagen and has gone on to work backstage at London Fashion Week and Paris Haute Couture for Brands like Burberry and Lemaire. A passionate creative, Miabella learned from some of the world’s most successful hairstylists and make-up artists and now brings her expertise to many happy clients here in London. Beyond hair and makeup, Miabella always felt she wanted to do more with her philosophy on beauty. Thus the idea of SMUK was born. Her baby for countless years, she is practically over-the-moon about finally being here: presenting her vision – her version of the world around us – to you.

Patricia Yaker Ekall, Head of Content

SMUK Universe

Without the talented Head of Content, Patricia Yaker Ekall, we wouldn’t have been able to get our thoughts across in quite the way we hoped. Now, thanks to her, we’re delighted to share our interviews, features and musings with you all. Patricia’s eye for good content began when she started documenting her trials as a fledging writer on her personal blog View Avenue – when she was just a teen. After years of prolific freelance writing and blogging, her efforts as a creative were rewarded when she was named among the 24 most influential Bristolians under 24. When she’s not busy being artistic director at her mother’s company, Patricia likes to write, read and daydream around London and beyond.

Nkima de Faria, Photographer-at-Large

Last, but my no means least, we’d love to introduce you to the person responsible for the majority of the beautiful images on this site: Nkima de Faria. Nkima is an international photographer who travels globally to capture and create some of the most exquisite images we’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Like our inspired founder, Nkima sees beauty everywhere and is always taking the opportunity to capture it. She took these lovely photographs of us, thus having worked with her we can assure you she is a dream. We so look forward to many more projects with Nkima.


So, now that you’ve had a taste of what’s to come, why not stay tuned in to see what we’ll present you first? Since we’re drawn to what is truly and simply beautiful, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. Sit back and enjoy our SMUK Universe.

Oh, and by the way, the Danish for ‘beautiful’ is ‘smuk.’

With love,

Team SMUK London. xxx

All photos by Nkima de Faria.

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