Health has always been something I cared about a lot. I’ve always been striving towards a naturally healthy body. I would call my body type as fairly “normal”, if “normal” even exist. Cause in the end, we are all normal in our own special way or I prefer to say: ‘we are all unique is our own beautiful way’.

I am not one of those girls who love to go on diet. I rather want it to be a lifestyle. Cause i think its all about giving your body the right routine, instead of confusing it by either starving yourself or over eating. I love being healthy, but I do love cake and chocolate!

My foodroutine is mainly vegetarian, gluten- and dairy free. I also try to stay away from refined sugars. I usually say: “ I eat healthy food, so I can have more cake” 🙂

But on a more serious note: I feel I needed to maintain a healthy diet to generally have more energy and to feel good. I have always had a sensitive digestive system and I realised that i get very bloated and tired when I eat gluten. Cream is just a NO GO – (No details needed).

I grew up in a relatively healthy environment. Where cooking at home was a big part of the daily routine. We had weekly foodplans and my brother and I learned to cook from a very early age. I always loved it and I always loved to experiment with recipes. I don’t remember ever getting forced to eat vegetables, but I just love them. I think because my parents has always been good at making them taste interesting and not boring. I have always loved food, actually so much that I don’t anything excites me more than a great beautiful meal. Maybe a really good raw-vegan-chocolate-berry cake 🙂

I just don’t feel the need for unnecessary un-healthy food. We need to live in this body for many many years, so I find it very important to treat it the best we can, while we can. I believe it makes life better and happier to live healthy.

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