Finding the Confidence to Say No

You probably have a to-do list longer than your arm. Let’s put it down, just for a second and remember why we’re here. Because an endless to-do-list is not why you started that job, that family, that dream. Obligation and another set of things you haven’t gotten around to, is not what any of us wants.



Fulfilling lives – Is what we all really want.

If we want to live deliberate lives, it begins with looking at where we spend our time. Our lives are made up of the tiny choices we make every day; how and where we choose to invest our time, money and energy. Where we spend our time determines the people we become, the legacy we leave, and the gifts we offer back to the world.

How we spend our time is how we spend our lives. #TRUTHBOMB  

That’s pretty significant!
So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision….
“Yes! We must do lunch!”
(Then walks away with no intention of setting a date.) #Guilty!

What we’ve really done is signed up to “try” until it gets too uncomfortable. Let’s admit it – saying no is uncomfortable because secretly we all want to be liked. So how do we say no when there are so many ”asks”, so many opportunities, and so many people!

“Saying No doesn’t necessarily get easier 

But we can become better at it.”

Here’s how:

Say Yes to the things you want. Not the things You Don’t.

The ability to say No is grounded in the belief that anything you say No to, is for the greater good of being able to say yes to something of a much higher purpose. THAT is the Confidence.

My no to your coffee isn’t a No to You – it’s a Yes to spending time with my family instead.

It is a yes to making sure I get some sleep this week!

That, in and of itself, is justification enough. No explanation.  No self-rationalisation. No having to sell it to anyone (as uncomfortable as it can be). Because If we can’t choose FOR the things that matter most to us, we cannot lead ourselves. And if we cannot lead ourselves we can never truly lead fulfilling lives.

TODAY: Say No to One thing that will help you make room for something that matters more.

Here’s to saying No

Which really, is Saying “YES!” to the things that matter most.

By Jessica Mae

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