We are very privileged at SMUK London to meet exceptional talents all the time. And I must say that one of the many women that I’m extremely honoured that I have met is the wonderful woman:

Grace Ekall!

Not only is she a talented couture designer, but she has a heart of gold and a willpower of next level. Im so happy that I have the opportunity to work closely with this lady from the very beginning of her collection and being part of the many exciting projects.

Grace and I share a lot of similar values and view in life. We are both really passionated and inspired about fashion and beauty, but at the same time there is nothing that drives us more than helping other people in this life. When we met each other the first time, her as a fashion designer, me as a makeup artist and hairstylist. We both shared our slogan on what gave us the drive in our business:

Grace: “What inspires me when is made my collection is GLAMOUR FROM INSIDE AND OUT”

Miabella: “All I want with my business is to make women feel BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT”

We realised that we had the same feeling for people and we want people to look great in the garments and with the hair & makeup we provide, but most of all we both have a passion of making women FEEL good on the inside.

We can’t wait to work more with Grace and her beautiful couture. I love my work and here is a little inside on why a great team is the key to an amazing working environment. And then her collection is just pretty fabulous 🙂


See the day where Grace interview myself on her Facebook live here. Here she is helping many women to live a healthy lifestyle and to help them stay positive through an illness like cancer. Grace and I are talking about beauty from the inside and out and my view on natural beauty!


Credits: Designer: Grace Ekall | Videographer:  Eleonora Cristin | Model: Eve Koushi, Premier Models | Photo: Patricia Ekall | Hair & Makeup: Miabella Ristorp, SMUK London.

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