As we move through Autumn getting ever closer to the frost of Winter, it’s vital at this time of year to give your skin some TLC! Whether you are a stay at home mum or a corporate ladder climber, follow my top tips to help your skin glow despite the decline in temperature:

At this time of year when the humidity levels outside begin to drop, and the air is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly leaving your skin feeling dry and tight. Therefore getting rid of dead skin and re-hydrating the skin regularly will be your simple two step plan of action. Many people tend to skip the first step (are you one of them?). However, as you can imagine there is absolutely no benefit in layering serums and creams on top of dead skin. You pay enough for skincare I am sure, so don’t wash your money down the drain. You need to sweep these cells away at least twice a week in order to put your expensive lotions onto fresh new skin cells, where they can work their anti-ageing and skin glowing magic!

If your skin feels sensitive most of the year, I suggest you use a gentle liquid form of exfoliator on your face, and then something with texture like a scrub should be fine for your body. Stay clear of anything with oil based if you plan to apply tan or have a spray tan within 24 hours after as this creates a barrier on the skin which the tan cannot penetrate.

Vita Liberata spray tan treatments and at home products are incredibly nourishing for the skin, with Aloe Vera to soothe, Bladderwrack seaweed to reduce inflammation, Silk extract and Hyaluron to moisturise. These premium ingredients along with their organic tanning agent promote the ultimate skin health while giving you a lasting natural glow. I would recommend the Self Tan Gradual Lotion as your daily body moisturiser to build up the depth of colour you want to achieve, and then the Anti-Age Self Tan Serum for your face, followed by the super indulgent Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask at bedtime for the ultimate skin treat! The natural scents of Rose from the serum and Neroli from the leave on mask will recreate the feeling of being in your own little at home spa and allow you to wake up with a natural glow as we get closer to the festive season!

This article is written by our amazing monthly beauty expert contributor: 

Jill McLean Tanning Expert 


Photographer – @litphotographyni

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