We’re so busy ‘living’ that we often forget to take care of ourselves. So exhausted are we by our daily tasks that our evening routines (our beauty rituals – the ones our mothers nagged us about) get forgotten more often than we’d perhaps like to admit. As much as we love beauty, here at SMUK we are not about piling on the makeup. When we do don the concealer, rouge or shimmer, it is often as often as much for the sake of others as it is our own. Thus when we take it off, we consider being “off” a time for our skin to go into repose. That is one thousand percent correct. It is a wonderful and necessary thing to be comfortable with taking a break from makeup, but just as necessary is keeping skin nourished.

Photo Credit: Sable Beauty

Yet cleansing, toning and moisturizing can be time-consuming, and not just because we want to crash at night. There’s also the laborious task of finding the best products, which are often (in our humble opinion) of the more organic variety. This is where Sable Beauty comes in. We met the co-founder, Yassira Zaandam, over two years ago and have been long-term users of the products her company stocks ever since. Yassira, a petite, beautiful and effortless brunette, possesses a calming influence that is immediately felt. When she explained her motives for starting Sable Beauty, it was clear that she’d be admired and respected by the SMUK community for a long time. In her words, Yassira launched her company because she felt a gap in the beauty industry, from which stemmed a “passion for intelligent beauty of the highest quality that delivers, and a need for a modern service.” Yassira provides that intelligent beauty through a brand “that is always inclusive,” and as a bonus, organic, unpretentious and slow. This angle on the beauty world resonates with team SMUK, as we’re sure it will with you too!

But it’s definitely not all about the slap with Sable Beauty as they have an extensive range of skin care products to choose from. Some SMUK favourites include:

Favourite: Herbivore Botanicals Youth Preserving Facial Oil

  • A couple of STIKS Lipsticks in a variety of nudes, one of the products used in the featured images.
  • A juicy Troi Ollivierre lipstick in delicate fuchsia, which you build up ladies depending on how dramatic you want to be, so fear not.
  • A brightening (and rejuvenating) toner from Aster & Bay. This is so organic that it will sting at first, but it’ll leave your skin plump and refreshed every time.
  • An eye mask for the quiet moments in transit.

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