It is not a secret that I have a passion for natural beauty. But I mean natural in many ways. First of all I want to think about the skin from the inside. What we put on our skin is very important and over the next few months I will be introducing you to some of my favourite products that I will review and share with you. My aim is to build up a library of the best makeup products, both in terms of the best quality and best for our skin.

But today I am going to talk about natural looking skin:

I know that it has become very popular with a heavy “instagram” coverage and a perfect contour. But in real life I personally prefer a more natural feel on the makeup. I want to encourage women to be themselves and look like themselves, but just the very best version. We wanna use makeup to make us feel better about ourselves, not to cover up our insecurities. So lets start with ‘less is more’. I know is a cliche, but we know that it is true!

Let me take you through the steps of my everyday makeup routine for the naturally looking glowy summer skin:

TIP: Invest in some good quality brushes, my favourite atm is from Nicci Welsh

  • Moisturise for your skin type
  • Use a bit of concealer with a yellow undertone to cover up any blemishes
  • Use a concealer (eye brighter) with a peach undertone to cover up those dark circles
  • Instead of foundation, in the summer I prefer to use a mineral powder foundation all over the face. Use a smaller brush to cover extra coverage on blemishes
  • Contour: I like to use my contour/bronzer to contour my cheekbones, eyes, forehead, nose and jawline
  • Use a great highlighter. This is what brings the glow in! You can use either powder or creme
  • Apple up those cheeks with a pinky/peach blush. This just make your skin looks fresh and youthful!
  • Brush your brows with an eyebrow gel or like me some hairspray
  • A neutral lipgloss always gives a great finish on your beautiful, natural summer look 🙂




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