At SMUK we are not only looking for great food when we are searching for good restaurants. Even though it is of course our main focus. We are just as much looking for the aesthetics. But when food and aesthetics ticks the box with an A, we are definitely adding the place to our come back places. ETHOS passed this test, even better than expected. Not only can you pick and choose exactly what you wish to eat from the buffet and you only pay for the weight of the food you wish to eat.

And to top it, the place is 100% vegetarian. The food is beauty, tasteful and healthy. They also offer a big variority of heathy cakes and desserts as well as organic juices and drinks.

Our absolute favourite was this Raspberry “cheesecake” – An absolute dream!

ETHOS core values is definitely something we admire: 

Amazing food

Exceeding expectations

Investing in our Team

No Wastage

ETHOS is dedicated to serving delicious and creative meat-free cuisine that appeals to a large number of people.
The menu is rich with options for those with special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Photos by Nkima De Faria

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