This is a guest post by one of our favourite tanning experts, Jill Mclean.
I am a huge advocate of safe, sunless tanning! There are some amazing products out there ensuring that smelly, orange, streaky tans are a thing of the past! Of course, some sun exposure is vital to absorbing our daily quota of Vitamin D, but laying in the sun for hours on end or visiting sunbeds is laying the groundwork for dry aged skin and potential health risks in the future for your skin and eyes. To me, the risk is not worth taking when you can have a flawless sunless tan which looks exactly like the real thing and, more importantly, fades seamlessly – also like the real thing! I’ve been in the spray-tanning and skin-finishing business for 5 years now, and I just love Vita Liberata. It’s the go-to luxury tanning brand for me as well as my clients. The colour is flawless and golden and it doubles up as my moisturiser when I wear it. If that isn’t enough to impress you, it’s also full of organic ingredients, not tested on animals, 100% non-toxic and contains no nasties such as alcohol or perfume and it’s paraben free!

Now that I have shared my favourite self-tanning brand with you, I’d also like to share some of my top tips to ensure perfect results, regardless of whether you get a spray tan or go it alone.

1. As I’m sure you know exfoliation is key, but be wary of products with an oil base – these will create a barrier on the skin and the tan can’t penetrate and develop.
2. After your tan application and while in bed be sure to a wear long sleeved top and long bottoms. This ensures your skin is covered and will not get splashed with any liquids. It also keeps fabric on the areas where the skin would touch, making sure it doesn’t sweat off and leave you with odd shaped white patches!
3. All hair removal should be done 24-48 hours before or you can lightly shave on the day of your event. If you shave on the day of your tan, this is when streaky legs can occur!



Finally, the skin is the largest organ in your body so take care of it. Eat your greens (lysine rich foods help your tan develop better!) and keep stress at bay as both these things affect your skin health and therefore the result of your tan. A healthy mind and body combined with a little self-tanning goodness will bring your inner glow out!

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