bespoke colour lounge

We believe in individuality, in owning your look. We love uniqueness, not just another out-the-box colour. Because of this, each of our colouring services are bespoke and tailored exclusively for you. Starting with a detailed consultation, we’ll take into account your lifestyle, skin tone and eye colour to create a signature look that will embrace your individuality and enhance your natural beauty. by Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is an eco-friendly, fashion-forwards, conscious brand.

With the ammonia-free, PPD-free and cruelty-free colours from Kevin Murphy, we are honoured to be able to provide you with high performance natural colours. Using honey, pomegranate and shea butter as key ingredients, we are confident you will love the smell of the products as much as you love your colour.

Sun-kissed scandi blonde

Are you looking for that naturally sun-kissed look? Like you’ve just jetted in from sunning yourself on a tropical island? Or maybe the movement that comes from beautifully dip-dyed blonde ends? From simple highlights or balayage to dip dye, ombre or bronde – there has never been more ways to go blonde. We are here to help you get beautiful colour that breathes life into your hair and lifts your complexion.

From £110 – free consultation

the natural look

Summer holidays are glorious, but they’re not always kind to our hair. Matching your natural colour, we’ll choose a shade that will add depth and vibrancy to your hair. If your hair is coloured and needs a post-summer boost, we’ll do the same thing.

We love by Kevin Murphy. It boosts shine, confidence and hair quality with the best ingredients.

From £30 – free consultation

cover up the greys

Whether you’re wanting a little touch-up to your naturally silver hair, or you want to get rid of it completely, we have a solution.

Working with your natural hair colour, we will find the best way to cover up those greys. From tint regrowth, full head colour, highlights or lowlights, we will keep in mind the different tones of your hair, making a very personalised formula. It will help your hairgrow-out in the most natural-looking way.

We are here to help you get beautiful colour that breathes life into your hair and lifts your complexion.

From £75 – free consultation

complete colour change

They say change is as good as a holiday. Well we’d love to give you one. From a shiny, dark colour to sun-kissed blonde or something in the middle, we’ll work with you to get the change that will suit you best. It all starts with a free consultation, so come visit us soon.

price on consultation

men’s colouring

We can enhance your natural colour or give you a sun-kissed holiday look. If you’re not quite a silver fox yet, we’ll blend your natural colour through your greys to give you a more youthful look

From £20

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