cut & style

Beautiful, effortless, confident, alluring … all emotions evoked by one simple thing – a good haircut. Your look tells the story of you, your ambitions, personality and lifestyle.

And your hairstyle is the perfect finishing touch.

the cut

When you see SMUK we’ll start with a short consultation. We want to get to know everything about your hair, from your daily routines to how often you’d like to come back for a restyle. There are no ‘out of the box’ haircuts at SMUK. Each look is crafted especially to compliment your personality, features and bone structure. We view each haircut as a piece of art that walks around the streets of London.

We love working with your natural texture, celebrating everything that makes your hair unique to you, from straight, strong lines to beautiful effervescent curls. And if you’re just looking for a trim, we’ll be more than happy to help with that too.

We will never make decisions on your behalf or without talking it through with you first. Building trust is very important to us – many of our customers become loyal guests who return again and again. We look forward to building this relationship with you.

the style

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday party, your daughter’s wedding or a classy cocktail celebration, special events call for special treatment and breathtakingly beautiful hair.

Will it be a halo of soft natural curls or big glamorous 1920’s waves? Or something straight from the runway? Maybe you have a specific updo in mind? With our wealth of styling experience, we’d love to talk through your ideas, advise you on what looks would suit you best and finally style your locks into something gorgeous, no matter the occasion

There is nothing more luxurious than indulging in a blow out. Sit back, relax and let your week melt away as we make your hair look it’s absolute best.

men’s grooming

SMUK thinks it’s very important that you are understood by your individual stylist. We want you to have a look that really suits you and compliments your personality.

We are not just focused on women’s cuts. The experience we provide our female clients is the same experience we would provide our men.

what are you waiting for?