When I think about simplicity, I think of what is ‘clean.’ I love simple colours and the beauty of simple clothes with simple lines. I love when you can really see the shape of a garment, especially how clearly you can see a garment drape when it’s beautifully cut. I like natural beauty; when things are not over-done but kept really minimal. The same goes for hair. I love it when styles are not too complicated. I feel that that, often, one maintains optimum natural beauty by keeping their hair style very minimalistic. But I also love to see simplicity in architecture – beautiful white buildings and old Victorian townhouses, for example.

The opposite of simplicity is, naturally, busy-ness. For me, this applies to the use of too much colour. That’s not to say I loath colour. I do like a hint of colour – as long as it’s presented in a sort of discreet way. Put it this way, I’m more Donald Judd that Jackson Pollock. You will never see me in a floral dress, for example. That’s just not my style. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think everyone in the world should be simple and minimalistic, that would be so dull! I love seeing bold colours and evident spontaneity on others, like a bold eye makeup shade for example. A look like that would be cool for a beauty shoot, but for an everyday look, I prefer it simple. That’s just my personal style.

I know there are those who say minimalism is dull and being paired back is boring. But I think it depends on how you make it work. It can be boring, for example, if you don’t have details. Simplicity does not mean a total lack of detail. If anything, it’s about attention to detail. If you add a striking pair of earrings to an otherwise simple, or ‘basic,’ outfit, it can make for a really interesting overall look. Beauty and simplicity can go hand-in-hand.

To me, simplicity feels fresh and airy. If I walk into a room that is very clean; that has, say, light-coloured walls and exquisite furniture, it just feels like good energy to me. Simplicity gives me space. It makes me feel as though I can breath – and create.

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