The birth of SMUK Universe unfolded here. A visual microcosm to the hue of our founder‘s dreams, Grind at the Royal Exchange welcomed us into its coolly charming embrace. We set to work immediately; from the mini ‘shoot, to some chatter about our creative pasts and talks of our entrepreneurial futures – we were all in our element. It wasn’t difficult, as Grind provides the ideal backdrop for getting into ‘work mode.’ Hot drinks and energy balls at the ready, we began our planning.

Grind is well known around London. It’s not rare to see young millennials wondering the city carrying one of their cotton bag-for-life totes. You probably know them already: the ones sporting that cheeky logo design. As well as the one at the Royal Exchange, near St Paul’s, the Grind team has a group of six café-bars and three restaurants across London. All of the Grinds serve their signature coffee, roasted by the company in Shoreditch, where it all began six years ago.

But coffee might not be your only thing. In that case, why not try checking out the Clerkenwell Club Bar, which is their late night venue and stays open until 2 am?! Surely it’s no surprise the GRIND is the first on our list in tis series.

What is so “SMUK” about the Grind? Well, word ‘smuk’ is the Danish for beautiful, or handsome. Judging by the images so well captured by our resident photographer Nkima de Faria, this compact coffee shop fits the bill. But the Grind’s SMUK-ness goes beyond that, it feels beautiful, too. To milk another Danish term, a place that instantly exudes that feeling of “hygge” is held in high regard by the team at SMUK Universe.

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