Grace and Green is a socially responsible lifestyle brand connecting women with exceptional products for their menstrual cycle that are kind to our bodies as well as the planet. Our head of content, Patricia, had the opportunity to learn more about them when she modelled some looks from their collection of stylish, but conscious, fashion, jewellery and lifestyle brands. And as you all know, we’re pretty keen on consciousness in style.

Where innovation meets nature, their essential collection is tailored and designed to cover protection for every woman’s unique and preferred manner… They use the latest absorbent technology combined with natural ingredients for exceptional protection during our period. Leveraging the power of nature, Grace & Green only uses organic and naturally derived ingredients in their biodegradable options, that means one ingredient: 100% certified organic cotton. Thus enhancing and improving our hygiene routine.

As well as taking care of our quotidian and aesthetic needs, G&G provide a bit of much-needed education. They have designated ‘gree room,’ a section of their site that is packed with articles on ethical fashion, period control while raving at festivals and art exhibition reviews. Now that’s our kind of brand.

Grace and Green

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