Hygge is the danish word of the year!

For me hygge is: 

Time with people I love. Especially my family or really close friends.

Food! Food can always be made hyggeligt. There is nothing more hyggeligt than good tapas and wine with my friends. 

If you come into my home, there will always be candles lit on the table. Even in the daytime. There is just a special warmth about candles that I love. 

I think I learned ‘how to hygge’ from my Mum. She has always been the best at bringing hygge into our home. Since I was a kid I remember we always needed to lit all the candles before the guests were coming. Outside as well as inside. The table needed to be decorated pretty and look hyggeligt for people to arrive. There is no doubt that as soon as I step into my parents house, I feel hygge straight away <3

When the family got together on a Friday night to watch a movie there would always be “hygge” on the table (candy). So when my parents said we are going to hygge tonight and there wasn’t any sweets, I would always ask: “But Mum! Where is the hygge?”. I literally thought that Hygge meant candy and candles.

Hygge is more than candy and candles:

Later on after growing up and especially after moving to london, I realised that hygge was more than just candy and candles. It is more of an atmosphere, a special feeling. When people ask me what it means, I often try to explain it with feelings: “Its like cozy, but really nice, togetherness, but it can also be created when you are alone.”

For me my church is also a place of hyggee! The warmth and love I receive when I’m in church, is really a special feeling. The love from other people and the love within myself. 

Good music, a candle and a good book or magazine can be a time for me to create hygge on my own. In a busy city like London, I need to remind myself to set time apart for hygge. Either on my own or together with friends, where I can really be myself, laugh, reflect about life and cuddle up on the couch. I have now made special blocks in my calendar for “hygge-time”. This helps me not to loose myself in this busy and stressful life. 

I simply can’t translate hygge into any English word! So I think we just need to add the word into the English dictionary and don’t forget to HYGGE! 

I recently got the ‘Hygge’  book for Christmas that I just love, it’s pretty on the table at home and it really describe the Art of hygge.


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