To me, the ability to see beauty in everyday life is tantamount to living a fulfilled exsitence. If you ask me what’s my passion in life? It’s beauty. And I’m not talking about hair and makeup. Beauty in life is, for me, everything. When I walk out my place and I look up. I look at the architecture of the buildings or the new flowers in the boutique flower shops. If the sun is shining, I look at how the light catches a particular detail, like the corners of houses. Sometimes I like to look at old buildings and just study them. I think “how could someone have created something so beautiful?” It’s the same with stores and coffee shops; I like to see if they have what I call ‘coffee beautiful.’

This, obviously, extends to humans. I very much see beauty in the type of energy a person has. If someone has something very memorable about them – and it can be anything, like big ears! – then I find that beautiful about them. Those are the kinds of things I see in people. But also their attitude and the way they welcome you. And I always let people know if I think they look beautiful or that they’re amazing. I think it’s so important to that.

Although I appreciate I am quite lucky in that I live in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to experience the glamour and beauty of other cities like Paris and Milan. But I don’t need all these things to feel lucky to be alive. I could be in the middle of nowhere and still appreciate beauty. I love the sea, the breeze, forests… often when I travel I don’t even have to spend money to enjoy myself. I just walk around! It’s so good to explore and see what you’ll pick from the little details you could otherwise miss easily. It’s about making the best out of everything you have. If you have a tiny house, for example, just little details beautiful with whatever you. I don’t think the ability to see beauty has to be expensive.

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