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Danish beauty brand Tromborg is one of our favorite ‘go-to’ brands when it comes to a natural skin care. Not only does their mineral foundation cover almost all of our blemishes, but it leaves the skin looking completely flawless without that annoying feeling that wearing makeup can often bring.


Describing themselves as ‘beauty for a lifetime, from Japan with love,’ Tatcha is a brand that merges culture-specific beauty with universal elegance. Follow for their indulgent feel, pretty eccentricity and their celebration of all that is sublime about being a girly girl.



As you may have seen from one of our previous posts, Sable Beauty is a sure favourite in our books. Not only is Yassira, the founder and director of the e-commerce beauty brand, a brilliant entrepreneur – but her directory of quality brands constantly save us from running out of ideas!


The clue’s in the name, but also in the imagery. The inviting, jolly yet somewhat still chic pictures on Fresh Beauty‘s Instagram account literally ‘give us life,’ as the kids say. The women they feature look part model, part girl next door and best chum. But we don’t follow simply for the aesthetics, as the brand has been a trailblazer in the natural beauty world since 1991. Their longevity in the industry combined with their constant innovation marks them as particularly trustworthy.


Kjaer Weis is a true original. Founded by fashion-world veteran Kirstin Kjaer Weis, who personally inspects each batch of makeup upon order, this brand is ‘as close to a hand-made product as you can get.’ Not only does this approach make it a luxury brand, but its careful approach to quality automatically renders it sustainable, too. And this is what we champion at SMUK: brands whose foundations are formed on the basis of originality, patience, love and attention to detail.

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