Are you getting married to your soul mate or attending a wedding of someone you hold near and dear this month as Winter is drawing to a close?  I have some top tips for you to ensure you keep your bridal or wedding guest glow is just perfect!

Firstly, a trial is my number one must do for brides. It’s always a good idea to make sure you figure out the right shade for your skin tone. My advice is to tone it down a little and go a shade paler at this timeof year so it looks more natural. Let’s face it, how many guests will have a deep tanfrom a trip to Mauritius at this time of year!? You don’t want to look like the only one!

Secondly, in your appointment, ask your spray tan therapist for a light ormedium shade to try. If you tan easily in the sun and have a sallow skin type the light shade may be enough to give you a good glow for the wedding. If you burn in the sun and have a paler natural skin type, choose at least a medium shade as you may need this to give you a decent colour result on your skin tone.

Thirdly, make sure you exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate (with a non oil based product) as best you can before your wedding tan, especially as all eyes will be on you! Take particular care with elbows, hands and around the underarm area where deodorant will have dried the skin out which could make tan darker in this area. That would be a real bridal faux pas.

And lastly, the one day of your life where you will be photographed constantly, it’s vital to work on getting your skin in the best condition possible from at least a few months before; this will lay the foundation for the tanning process and allow it to be the best it can be on your big day. Talk to your SMUK beauty therapist to start a programme of facials and recommended skincare regime to create the healthiest complexion possible!

I wish you a magical wedding day; try to savour it and take mental screenshots so you don’t forget any special moments. My belief along with that of SMUK London, is that beauty truely comes from the inside, so your smile revealing the joy you will be feeling will make you the most beautiful girl in the world regardless of anything else! And my final advice if you are a guest attending a loved one’s big day; make sure to stock up on water proof mascara!







With love,

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